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Alard Products

Al'ard offers top-quality, organic Palestinian food, blending tradition with modern practices.

Genuine Palestinian Food

Explore the pleasure of Palestinian cuisine in the centre of Cork

Home Made Desserts

Enjoy our home made desserts daily

Tasters Mix

Our most instagramable menu item. Known for it's freshness, comprehensiveness, filling, healthy and vegan friendly. Served with a steaming fresh pitta bread.

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Palestinian Signature Dish

A traditional and cherished Palestinian rice dish meaning “upside down” due to its layered presentation. Experience the rich flavors of Magloubeh, a traditional Palestinian dish. Layers of succulent chicken, fried potatoes, fried aubergines, and fragrant rice create a delightful harmony. Served upside down, it's accompanied by salad, yogurt, and a jumbo stuffed Medjool date for a complete culinary journey.


We take pride in offering a delectable selection of traditional Palestinian appetizers. Indulge in the velvety smoothness of our classic hummus, the creamy fusion of hummus with avocado, and the vibrant flavors of our hummus blended with beetroot. Delight in the smoky richness of babaganoush, the refreshing crispness of tabbouleh salad, and the delightful assortment of pickles mix. Experience the savory intensity of makdous and the delicate flavors of our vine leaves. Lastly, savor the creamy, homemade goodness of our labneh. Each dish is crafted with care to bring you an authentic taste of Palestine.