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Sumac 120g (4.23oz)

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Alard Sumac, a natural spice from Palestine's hills, is a product of the Mediterranean-native sumac bush. This spice, known for its deep red color and coarse texture, is made from dried and ground sumac berries. Rich in antioxidants and bioactive substances, sumac offers various health benefits, including antimicrobial and anticancer properties. It's effective in treating stomach pain, gum infections, liver and spleen diseases, and helps prevent cardiovascular disease in diabetes II patients.

Harvested by local villagers, predominantly female farmers, the sumac undergoes a natural process. It's sundried, selected, cleaned, and ground without any additives, ensuring a pure, preservative-free spice. Sumac's unique dark red hue and sharp, acidic taste make it a versatile ingredient in many dishes, from rice and meat to vegetables. It's also used for garnishing traditional dishes like hummus and Thyme blend in Palestine, enhancing them with a fresh, citrusy flavor. Sumac is a staple in various traditional Palestinian dishes, from Fattoush salad to Musakhan main course.

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Sumac 120g (4.23oz)
Sumac 120g (4.23oz)

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