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Palestinian Coffee

Palestinian coffee is similar to Turkish, however in Palestine people prefer to control it's strength by mixing dark roasted beans with medium roasted bean in a ration that suits them. When ground, we always use the finest grinding setting on the grinding machine. Unlike espresso which is ground at level 5 or 6.

In average, most people would blend third dark roasted beans with two thirds medium roasted beans. Some people prefer it to be stronger, so they order their coffee to be 1/2 dark with 1/2 medium. Minority of people would order it to be extremely strong by choosing two thirds to be dark.

The majority of people would order a hint of cardamom to be added to their blend, however some people prefer to opt out of the spice option.

Brewing of the coffee is pretty simple. Regardless of the pot you are using, you add one heaped tea spoon of coffee powder per 100ml of water. Put it on the stove and keep shallow stirring until it starts raising up. Continue stirring until the "creama" starts dissolving, or keep the creama if you prefer it.

Watch the whole process:

Learn how to brew it from Louise: