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The Legendary Magloubeh of Izz Cafe

The Izz Cafe Special: Magloubeh's Hebron Essence

The beauty of our shared Arabic heritage is mirrored in the varied dialects and spellings of our beloved dishes. Magloubeh, with its many renditions as 'Maqluba', 'Maqlouba', 'Maklouba', and 'Makloubeh', perfectly showcases this rich linguistic tapestry. At Izz Cafe, our signature Magloubeh is a tribute inspired by centuries of tradition. Perfectly fried aubergines and potatoes, tender chicken, and an enchanting blend of spices straight from the heart of Hebron, Palestine come together in this dish. This isn't just a meal; it's a journey, an embrace of Palestinian history and culture. And the best part? It's available daily.

Magloubeh: A Dish Rooted in History

The name Magloubeh translates to "upside-down" in Arabic, perfectly describing how this dish is traditionally served by flipping it onto a platter. With origins rooted deep in Palestinian culture, Magloubeh isn't just a meal; it's a symbol of Palestinian hospitality, love, and community.

A Mosaic of Versions: Every Region Tells A Story

While the core essence of Magloubeh remains consistent, each Palestinian city and region in the Levant has its own unique twist:

  • Hebron: Known for its rich mix of spices that makes the dish fragrant and flavorsome. This is the very essence we capture in our dish at Izz Cafe.

  • Nablus: Some prefer to add cauliflower instead of or alongside aubergines.

  • Jerusalem: You might find the addition of chickpeas for a hearty touch.

  • Levant Regions: In some parts of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, you may come across a version with minced meat or even lamb.

The variety shows how dynamic and adaptable Palestinian cuisine is, while still maintaining its core identity.

More Than Just Ingredients: The Izz Cafe Promise

At Izz Cafe, we believe that the soul of Magloubeh lies not just in its ingredients, but in the memories and traditions it evokes. The vegetables, the chicken, and the spices are carefully chosen and prepared to bring you not just a dish, but a piece of Palestinian history and culture.

Tempted Yet?

If reading about Magloubeh has got your taste buds tingling, we invite you to take this culinary journey with us. Click here to order and let your senses dive into the rich tapestry of flavors that is Magloubeh.

MagloubehSpice shop in Jerusalem

Order Your Taste of Palestine Now

Our Magloubeh is waiting to tell its story on your plate. Order now and be a part of this culinary legacy.