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Thank you for visiting Izz Cafe. Your visit is valuable to us, and we want you to enjoy every moment. We aim to keep an eye on this page with the changes that you may need to know like special offers, new menu or shop items, our news and others. If you are a frequent visitor, make sure to scan the QR code that took you to this page every time for new things.

Starting from Tuesday 27/2/3024, we started operating 5 days a week starting from Tuesday until Sunday.

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Chef's Recommendation:
There is an Arabic saying that translates to "Eat according to your taste, and dress according to the taste of others". But if you are being introduced to our couisine only recently, and is interested in trying a signature dish, then we would recommend Magloubeh (click here to order). You can also try our popular cinnamon roll.

Interesting Facts:
Makloubeh, or Magloubeh, is a traditional Palestinian dish known for its unique presentation and flavors. It's a one-pot rice dish that includes meat (such as chicken, lamb, or beef), rice, and fried vegetables, which are layered and then flipped upside down when served, giving it its name "Makloubeh," which means "upside-down" in Arabic.

Manaeesh is a popular Levantine food similar to pizza, typically served for breakfast or lunch. It's a flatbread that can be topped with a variety of ingredients. Some of the toppings you mentioned, like za'atar (a mix of herbs, sesame seeds, and sumac), za'atar with cheese, labneh (a thick, creamy yogurt spread), and spinach are traditional, while others like beef lamb mince (reminiscent of lahmajoun), musakhan (sumac, onions, and chicken), and falafel offer a unique twist on this classic dish.

These dishes reflect the rich culinary heritage of Palestine and the broader Middle East, showcasing the use of spices, herbs, and cooking techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Interesting Documentaries:

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Selected playlists:

Alashekeen, one of the oldest Palestinian folk bands. They sang for the culture and the revolution, in weddings and other occasions.

Izz Cafe daily list, is a compilation of different relaxation tracks.