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14 George's Quay
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Our traditional and refined original Palestinian hummus. Served with pickled olives, chili sauce and freshly baked flat bread.
Beetroot Hummus

Our luxuriously creamy traditional hummus is blended with fresh and colourful beetroots. This tasty hummus is served with pickled olives and cucumbers, chilli sauce and a freshly baked to order flat bread.


Smoked aubergines mixed with diced tomatoes, peppers and tahini. Garnished with sweet pomegranite seeds which add a delicious contrasting bite

Makdous Bowl with Bread

A traditional pickled baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts, chilli sauce (not hot) and garlic pickled in olive oil. The bowl comes with a freshly baked flatbread

Labneh Bowl With Fresh Bread

Strained homemade natural cheesy yogurt (tastes tart). It can be used to dip or spread with bread. It comes with a fresh loaf of bread

Labneh is a homemade natural soft cheese made from strained yogurt. This tart and zesty cheese can be used as a spread or a dip and is served with a steaming hot flatbread

Stuffed Vine Leaves – Bowl Of 8

A bowl of 8 vine leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables.

Tasters Mix

A sharing platter of our three speciality hummus, tabbouleh, babaganoush, makdous and pickles served with freshly made flat bread

Avocado Hummus
Our speciality hummus blended with ripened avocados, served with a fresh loaf of bread, pickles mix and chilli sauce.

A popular and vibrant Middle Eastern salad that contains mainly finely chopped parsley and tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, spring onions, mint, bulgur, salt and lemon juice